By Aomar Boum, Ph.D. Before the twentieth century, a few Moroccan Jews came to America seeking economic opportunities. In […]

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Praying on the Pacific

January 23, 2020 Caroline Luce

  by Maureen Jackson, Ph.D. In 2015, Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles placed an order for 1,000 new […]

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Carvalho in Los Angeles

January 16, 2020 sephardiclosangeles_frh7wp

  by Michael Hoberman, Ph.D. Solomon Nunes Carvalho pointed to two of Los Angeles’ most important attributes in the aftermath […]

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The Bootblacks of Wall Street

January 14, 2020 sephardiclosangeles_frh7wp

  by Caroline Luce, Ph.D. Since the establishment of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792, Manhattan’s Wall Street has […]

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Breaking Ground in the 1930s

January 11, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Max Modiano Daniel During the first few decades of the twentieth century, Los Angeles and its Southern California environs […]

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Cooking the Sephardic Way

January 8, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Max Modiano Daniel “What actually makes a recipe or dish Sephardic? Is it a style of cooking? Does it […]

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Mid-Wilshire Sephardic, Midcentury Modern

January 6, 2020 Caroline Luce

  by Richard L. Stein, Ph.D. The story of Temple Tifereth Israel is partly architectural. That means, to begin with, […]

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Global Routes/Sephardic Roots

January 4, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Rachel Smith As the great ethnic revival of the 1960s and 1970s swept across the nation, Americans around the […]

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