American Days, Turkish Nights

February 6, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Julia Phillips Cohen, Ph.D. Like so many immigrants before and after them, Ottoman Jews who made the trek halfway […]

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Couscous California Dreaming at Robaire’s

February 3, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Marie-Pierre Ulloa, Ph.D. In the years after World War II, North African Jewish immigrants became the mediators and re-inventors […]

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by Caroline Luce, Ph.D. On July 4, 1905, some 40,000 L.A. residents gathered to celebrate the opening of a new […]

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By Chris Silver, Ph.D. Zohra El Fassia (1905-1994) was among the most important Moroccan vocalists of the 1950s. Like so […]

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The Mexican Mahjar of the Borderlands

January 30, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Maxwell Greenberg In the early twentieth century, a Sephardic commercial orbit connected Aleppo, Syria, Paris, New York City, Mexico […]

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Life of the Party

January 26, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Regine Basha Featuring video clips and still images from Los Angeles-based home movies excerpted from “Tuning Baghdad,” a narrative […]

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by Rachel Smith At backyard parties, beach picnics, and trips to Catalina Island, Sephardic Jews in Los Angeles gathered outside […]

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Emily Sene’s Sephardic Mixtape

January 7, 2020 Caroline Luce

By Simone Salmon Between the 1940s and 1970s, Sephardic Jews would gather to play and hear Ladino tunes played live by […]

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Global Routes/Sephardic Roots

January 4, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Rachel Smith As the great ethnic revival of the 1960s and 1970s swept across the nation, Americans around the […]

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Iranian Jewish Los Angeles

January 3, 2020 Caroline Luce

by Lior Sternfeld, Ph.D. featuring photos by Iranian/French photographer Abbas “They settled in L.A. because so much of it reminds […]

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